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22 hours ago

1,905mg of N-Acetyl Cysteine in each serving. NAC provides neuroprotection by counteracting the release of inflammatory molecules and delays the negative effects of biochemical changes involved in cognitive function. #brainhealth #ingredients #fitness #supplement

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Beta Alanine reduces damage to brain cells stemming from the inflammatory response of head trauma. There's 1000mg in each serving of Neuroptimax Pro to keep you on top of your game. #concussion #brainhealth #supplement

2 days ago

Hydration is key for optimal brain function and performance. Each serving of Neuroptimax Pro contains 301mg electrolytes to keep you at maximum performance. #focus #electrolytes #hydrate #supplement

4 days ago

Alex Bowen makes Neuroptimax Pro part of his fitness routine 👊. Check out his stories for discount code! REPOST @ab_bowen : Overwhelmed to be apart of @neuroptimax I’ve been using this for a while. Helps physical and mental performance. I take this before gym everyday and have been for a while and it gives me a lot more energy and also keeps me focused. 👊🏽. #gym #training #alexbowen #fitness

6 days ago

15% of people who suffer a head trauma also develop long term effects that can impair personality, concentration and performance and memory. We are committed to helping athletes with concussion recovery and to helping tackle this illness that is so difficult to diagnose. #concussion #ko #boxing

1 week ago

'The greatest failure is to not try' Featherweight World Champion Martin Nguyen. #mma #combatsports

1 week ago

35mg of DHA in every serving. An essential Omega-3 fatty acid, DHA is an essential part of brain cell walls and helps brain signals travel. Insufficient DHA consumption has been shown to reduce brain development and function in athletes. #dha #brainsupplement #omega3

1 week ago

Good luck to Neuroptimax Pro ambassador and 3 x BJJ Champion Gilbert Burns at UFC 156 tonight. #mma #ufc #fightnight

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Optimal doses of the right ingredients. Neuroptimax Pro contains creatine which has a vital role in neural metabolism, needed in greater amounts when the brain is under intense metabolic stress. #creatine #supplement #contactsports

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Keeping UFC Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman on his game. #training #ufc