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so much fun**💚 4LUV

5 days ago

thank you @tmrwmag 🙏🏾 volume 32 out now

1 week ago

strategy meetings in Greece. the guys think it’s time i start working on album 3? 🤔

1 week ago

EALL was a transitional album. it was one that signified i was actually making changes in my life, changes that wouldn’t have been possible without the key people in my life. towards the end of that album, you got “seasons” & it serves as the song i wanna hear after a bad day, a good day, a hot summer day, it’s all-purpose. it makes me feel better, and hopefully it does the same for you. hope everyone is having a good summer, i miss you, and thanks @thegr8khalid for always holdin it down. seasons video out now. directed by @emiliebadenhorst. link in bio 🌞

1 week ago

seasons ft. @thegr8khalid premieres tomorrow 12pm pt/3pm et. link in bio 🌞

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summers calling 🌞

2 weeks ago

we came a long way 💆🏾‍♂️

2 weeks ago

i’m back in the studio...

3 weeks ago

the best part about finding success, is having the ability to do things that seemed so farfetched as a kid. it’s crazy to think that somethin as simple as fresh water, is still a problem for millions of people in the world, but it is. clean water means more food, more jobs, and more learning. so with the help of @drop4drop & @drinkrightwater , we found an area in Uganda, in need of fresh water, built a water well for the community, and here are the results 🖤 i appreciate music for changing my life, but i love it even more for being the vehicle to do more in the world. for my people ✊🏾 and for all people. swipe for a smile

4 weeks ago

no i’m not releasing an old town road remix. this is my vacation hat & you will refer to it as such 🧙🏾‍♂️💌

1 month ago

no matter what i do, no matter where i go, i’ve learned that there’s always going to feel like some task is hovering over my head. always gonna be someone expecting more of me, questioning my heart or my methods. always going to be a little bit of weight on my shoulders. but i embrace it. for everything i’ve accomplished, i’ve been blessed enough to know i have a direct line to God. he’s gifted me with my talents, accepted my faults & failures, and met me on the other side with a life i couldn’t have imagined 10 years ago. i’ve been able to help change the lives of more people than i can count on two hands, and this is still the very beginning of the journey. this past week i finally got to experience what a mini vacation feels like & reflect. shit was perfect & i needed a break. it was good to remind myself that i’m not just a music machine working for everything and everyone around me. it was good to pat myself on the back and just live for a second. and now it’ll be good to start this new chapter. with love. checking from the other side of the world to let you know i’m safe, and i’m still inspired 🙏🏾💌