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Лише стріт-арт може оживити пострадянщину цього міста. І це прекрасно.

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Iceland has something special. Something that I can’t describe and that make me feel good & free. I’m happy to sharing this trip with people that I can proudly call friends 💙

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Loving these colours! 🍂🌅

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Smallest bird

21 hours ago

#13th_words Dari kata yang pernah kusebutkan itu, dari semua yang pernah ku alami, dan saat ini semua sedang berlangsung, maka saat ini akan jadi masa lalu. 🦄🌈

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It’s not a race. It is a “RUN IN YOUR OWN PACE”

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Unconventional Tech 📸🔥

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Green turtle chilling in his throne! 👑 Tag a turtle lover 🐢 Video by @creativescubaimages _______________________________________ Follow @earthtracer Use ➡️ #earthtracer _______________________________________ Tag someone that should see this!

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#Repost from @travel_magics ( @repost_media_app ) Wooow - what a sky 😍😍🌌 . Where was your most beautiful sky? ☺️🌌👇🏼 . Photo by @calibreus . Follow @travel_magics for more amazing photos & videos 🌍 @travel_magics @travel_magics @travel_magics . You don‘t want to miss any new post? 🤭 Turn on the post notifications! ✅ . Follow my hashtag #travel_magics for more travel content! ✈️ . Image belongs to there respective owner/s! . #createcommune #heatercentral #electic_shotz #shotzdelight #sonyalpha #ig_color #visualambassadors #lensculture #artofvisuals #theimaged #moodygrams #ig_shotz #lensbible #beautifuldestinations #awesomeearth #earthpix #moodnation #earthfocus #gearednomad #voyaged #wonderful_places #earth #creativoptic #earthofficial #createexplore #awesome_photographers #earthfever #earthoutdoors

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Britania 🐑

1 day ago

how cool is it that the same God who created mountains, oceans and galaxies looked at you and thought the world needed one of you, too :)

1 day ago

⛰ S E C E D A ⛰ . Неймовірні красоти Сецеди, хмари тільки додають атмосферності і величі Альп. піднімались ми по неймовірному шляху (в наступному пості про гори покажу). Ми тут перекусили, нафотографувались, надивились на Альпи, дочекались ще більших хмар, аж поки не почало гриміти і побігли вниз. Попасти під дощ в плани не входило, але вийшло. Дощ був хороший, такий рясненький, як з звідра + хороша блискавиця. Добряче змокнувши отримали безкоштовну поїзду від водія маршрутки. Чесно кажучи то треба було відчути ту грозу, перевірити свою вітрівку і рюкзак в реальних умовах. Було класно⛰⛰⛰ . . . #italy #italia #dolomites #dolomiti #ukraine #lviv #kyiv #seceda #seceda2500m #beautifuldestinations #passionpassport #travelstoke #moodgrams #artofvisuals #discoverearth #earthpix #earthfocus #nakedplanet #wonderful_places #awesome_photographers #theglobewander #travellingthroughtheworld #voyaged #roamtheplanet #electic_shotz #ourplanetdaily #tlpicks

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[Werbung] Jeder kennt diese Familiengeschichten über vergangene Abenteuer, die eure Vorfahren erlebt haben. Anlässlich @globetrotterde ´s Jubiläums-Kampagne, habe ich mit meinen Eltern eine Fahrradtour auf den Spuren der Vergangenheit unternommen. Hierfür nahmen wir eine alte Route die meine Mutter noch von früher kannte. Sie führte uns entlang des ehemaligen Grenzstreifens der Berliner Mauer und durch den angrenzenden Wald. Unterwegs wurde der beeindruckende Wandel der Natur im Vergleich zu den Fotos von damals sichtbar und ich konnte an vielen alten Erinnerungen meiner Mutter teilhaben🚴🏻‍♂️ Für mehr Impressionen, schaut gerne in meiner Story vorbei und hoffentlich konnte ich euch inspirieren, selber ein vergangenes Erlebnis eurer Vorfahren zusammen erneut zu erleben🐾💭 @globetrotterde #40JahreumdieWelt #NeueHorizonte #roamwithrob

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The colour

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⁣Nap 😴 time with @dogswiss - tag that friend who loves dogs _______________________________________⁣ Follow @earthphotos_ig Follow @earthphotos_ig Follow @earthphotos_ig ⁣ _______________________________________ Add some color to your photos with our Lightroom presets - link in bio ♥️

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Friyay! What you all up too? We've got a busy few days ahead and a new toy to play with for the camera. This Bridge looks familiar but there's something just not right. The gallery is open 10-5 today No. 13 @stacknewcastle New Bridge Street West Newcastle

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Ⓣ_ⓌⓄⓇⓁⒹ #81 I hope you find the kind of moments that take your breathe away. That kind of moments that change you. I hope you travel to places that cleanse you, I hope you go to concerts that ring through your bones and make you feel alive. I hope you connect with the small things - I hope you look at someone mid conversation and you feel your stomach surge with the feelings you have for them. I hope you surround yourself with the kind of friends that encourage your spontaneity, that are always there for you. I hope you live. Truly. I hope you don’t hold back. There is so much to feel in this world. I hope you feel it at all. Stay mindful✨ ◦ ◦ ◦ #staymindful #eibsee #eibseelake #visitgermany #visitbavaria #fantasticearth #mountainstones #earthescope #stayandwander #wandermore #discoverearth #roamtheplanet #earth_shotz #exploretocreate #artofvisuals #visualambassadors #electic_shotz #the_folknature #theoutbound #theimagined #theearthoutdoors #hikingtheglobe #diewocheaufinstagram #theweekoninstagram #weroamgermany

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Hi you got a name?

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One thing I love about photography is how grateful and humble it can make me. Looking back on the experiences I have when photographing a scene makes me feel even more grateful that we were given this amazing planet. If there is one piece of art that is truly perfect, it’s this planet Earth. How cool is it that we get to call it home?

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Autumn is coming! 🍃🍂

6 days ago

The Electric Tower, Buffalo ⚡️💧

1 week ago

Bonne journée! 😎

1 week ago

The Reid, Murdoch & Co. Building. Fun fact about this building. It may look symmetrical however it you count the windows from the middle to each side you will see the left has 4 and the right has 5. They had to demolish part of this to make room for the bridge in 1930. I just loved learning about the history of Chicago ❤️

2 weeks ago

Seeing double 🚆👀

3 weeks ago

Can you guess the city from this image! 👇🏻👇🏻 Any correct answers I will shoutout my favourite shot from your page in my story! 😆

3 weeks ago

Lights and shadows 😍

3 months ago

Open your door

3 months ago

Grace and mercy

6 months ago

Don't miss your bus