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9 hours ago

“For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.” Romans 8:19 ~~~ When an evening run becomes a worship session... after all, how can I not thank Him? Nature awaits in quiet splendor for His children to take our rightful place. The Kingdom of Heaven is HERE - walk in power, authority, freedom and love. Signs and wonders will follow. All praise to my Jesus. #travel #adventure #roadwarrio #faith #Jesus #disciple #lovepeople #redemption #roadtrip #evangelism #telltheworld #inspiration #desert #arizona #walkinlove #loveGod #lovepeople #greatawakening. #nature #sunsets

9 hours ago

Đồi cát bay Mũi Né, nơi lý tưởng để ngắm toàn cảnh bán đảo Mũi Né từ trên cao, nơi bạn tưởng như mình đang lạc vào hoang mạc sahara với những đợt gió cát nhảy múa, tạt vào mặt. Tận hưởng khoảng không gian vô tận giữa đất trời 🏜️🏝️ #travel #vietnam #muine #desert #sand #wind #sky

10 hours ago

I feel like I try wayyyyy too hard to come up with a clever caption for any picture, and then when I look back I can’t help but cringe😖 I just hope this won’t be one of those🤞🏼

10 hours ago

Scrolling through some images to print from my yachting days 😊 I stumbled across this image from our transit through the Suez Canal a few years ago, and it stopped me in my tracks! It totally took me right back to the moment .... the smell, the surreal feeling of being somewhere so completely foreign. It is such a simple image but then again I’m always drawn to simplicity itself... clean lines and negative space, yep that’s me! What do you think?? It may not appeal and that’s totally fine, but it might be one for our travel wall x

10 hours ago

Almost Famous.

10 hours ago

I see the pictures that you take the darkness in your days * * * song(s) of the day: lover boy by Phum Viphurit old fashioned by Bruno Major Uno by Rex Orange County • • • • • • • • • • • • My family and I were on our way back home when we decided to stop and admire this view. I’m so glad we did. You can see the rain falling over that far away mountain.

10 hours ago

Feast on a vape taste bud killer, made with freshly plucked strawberries and exotic sweet kiwis! Slay your clouds with ripe and exotic fruits that surround you in delicious kiwi strawberry goodness! ——— PC: @vapekeepit100

10 hours ago

Our sweet girl Liberty is a registered Quarter Horse with a great personality. She needs a gentle rider but we would love to find her a home before the end of the year!

10 hours ago

Oreo dessert cup Credit @ @livi_591 ✔KLIK LIKE ❤ & TAG TEMANMU⁣⁣ 👉Follow @masakaninsta ⁣1 👉Follow @masakaninsta ⁣1 ⁣⁣ 👉Follow @masakaninsta ⁣1 ⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ #resepbook ⁣⁣ --------------------⁣⁣ Lapisan 1 1 pack oreo (137 gr) 2 sdm butter, lelehkan (sy pake orchid unsalted) Haluskan oreo dengan butter, kemudian tuang ke dlm cup atau box, sisihkan. Lapisan 2 500 ml susu cair full cream 100 gr keju 2 sdm maizena 1 sdt vanilla ekstrak 4 sdm gula (aslinya 5 sdm) Aduk semua bahan, masak sampai mengental, tuang diatas lapisan oreo, dinginkan. Lapisan 3 160 gr dcc (coklat masak) 120 ml susu cair full cream, panas Aduk rata tuang di atas lapisan susu. Dinginkan. Sajikan. . . . #sweettable #sweets #desert #oreodesert #oreo #kreativedelicious #kreativnedelicije #glamour #muffins #cakepops #icecreamcakepops #donuts #rafaelodesert #rafaelo #24karatgold #goldcakepops #chocolatecupcakes #desertoreo #desertcreamcheese #oreomeises #creamcheeseoreo #Oreodesert #oreocheesecake #oreocheeselumee #baking #homemade #oreodesertmedan #olshopmedan

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The moment so still, so still and quiet . . . . . . . .PC: @luis_image_

21 hours ago

I will have live mini succulent pumpkins @potterybarn_missionviejo Saturday from 12-4 during their Fall Festival Event. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Stop by and get Fall decorating ideas, have a snack and buy a succulent pumpkin.

2 days ago

This country amazes me! New left me speechless!! 🌵🤠

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on the rocks