LoudAndClearTour Photos & Videos

10 minutes ago

So talented! Thank god he came out to Spore!!!! Haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Schadenfreude #loudandcleartour

10 minutes ago

"You're just lucky, you don't have a Singaporean Trump - Trevor Noah" One of the greatest gift that my sister have ever gifted me, is to meet my idol❤️ I never laughed so much in my entire life, and i thank @trevornoah for it ❤️ #LoudAndClearTour #trevornoah

14 minutes ago

Photography strictly prohibited? No problem! 🤣 Hi, @trevornoah !

22 minutes ago

#loudandcleartour Wonder what he is going to joke about tonight? Looking forward to a night of wonderful jokes!!!

26 minutes ago

Here for @trevornoah and the xhoska clicks. Thanks for bringing us through a series of cultures and stories each time - you’re a dream come true ❤️ #loudandcleartour

33 minutes ago

This should be fun.

43 minutes ago

We had to park so faraway that we had to take a taxi to the theatre. Waited forever for everyone from the first show to leave and then get through security. All this in a school night. Good thing I love @trevornoah #loudandcleartour

45 minutes ago

Going to be a packed 2nd show for #loudandcleartour by @trevornoah tonight in Singapore. Epic lines to get in... And a delayed start to the show already. Fingers crossed he's worth it! (-;

52 minutes ago

Catching our favourite late night host Trevor Noah live in SG! He and Ronny Chieng were absolutely amazing, can't say the same about the ridiculous queue management and my photography skills though 😑 #loudandcleartour

53 minutes ago

Had a super enjoyable and fun night with @trevornoah ! Such a great talent in all areas! Special appearance Ronny Chieng. He was hilarious too! Thanks for coming to Singapore and glad you love all the food here. Please come back soon! #loudandcleartour #lovetrevornoah ❤️💙

1 hour ago

Trevor Noah is in Singapore! Can't believe it! Just minutes before his comedy show, Loud & Clear, starts. Super excited! #LoudAndClearTour #TrevorNoah